The Alumni is back!!!

Following our success in the 2020 virtual race we are hoping for a good showing in this year's race.

contact with any questions

In order to run the race you will need to sign up to the Opentrack system. 

You may be familiar with the OpenTrack System as many of you, particularly all those who registered to run in the Annual Alumni Race, will already be registered with them. 

As we do many of our races on this system now is as good a time as any to bite the bullet and sign up. It's free and relatively painless! 

Follow this link to enter the ALUMNI RACE

On this link you will be able to find the entry for this year's event and sign up to Opentrack at the same time. 

The screen grabs below reference R1 TH&HAR20 Trial - These will now say "THH HQ 12-13 Dec 2020" 

Let's get started!

Firstly Click on the green button ENTER HERE 

If you've already signed up with Opentrack LOG IN - If not, sign up, and then return to this page. You will only have to sign up once. 


Click on the button next to Myself which should have your name next to it in brackets. This should automatically fill in your details. 


Click the button next to the FIND SCHOOL box - Then enter OJRUN in this box. This will automatically fill in the details below - Make sure you put in all 5 letters of OJRUN - do not rely on the auto fill. IF YOU ARE A CURRENT PUPIL, PARENT or STAFF MEMBER  please put GUEST  in this box if you are not an OJ.

Accept these details.  

Choose the event listed in the blue box and press OK

Confirm entry by clicking the box to the left of your name. And then pressing CONFIRM

You will be sent an email message confirming entry. Return to the front page using the link for this week as given in the introduction text above. Once there the front page will now allow you to either Submit with Strava (by attaching your Strava account to Opentrack) - or to Submit Manually 

If you  Submit Manually try to include a Strava link if possible.  

Thats it you're done. Thank you for entering as part of the OJ Runners squad.